3 Seafood Restaurants in Playa del Carmen You Should Try in 2019!

Are you ready for 2019? At Happy Address we have the intention of becoming even better guests for you, and making your time here a funny and cozy one. Making your life easier and seeing you happy makes us happy. Now we want to share 3 of our favorite seafood restaurants in Playa del Carmen, so you won’t waste time deciding where to eat.


1. La Bamba Jarocha

At the corner of 36th North St. & 30th North Ave.
Here you will delight in traditional cuisine from Veracruz and the Gulf of Mexico, even though you’re visiting the Caribbean. Try the “arroz a la tumbada” or “chilpachole de mariscos”, two of the most delicious foods with the authentic flavor of Veracruz, while you listen to live traditional music.


2. La Fishería

5th Ave., between 20th St. & 22nd St.
Try the fried fish with lemon and habanero chilis, the lobster and shrimp pizza, and the tuna fish tostadas. They will exceed your expectations. La Fishería’s vibe is very cool and the place is nice and splendidly decorated. Without a doubt, this is a good place to enjoy a great meal.


3. Los Aguachiles

At the corner of 25th Ave. & 34th St.
If La Bamba Jarocha is the Gulf of Mexico’s food center at Playa del Carmen, Los Aguachiles is the Pacific Ocean’s west coast spot. Although this restaurant’s signature meal are aguachiles (a traditional food with shrimps, lemon, chiltepín chili and cucumber), you will also find here ceviches, fish tacos and seafood cocktails.




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