5 tips so you can save on your vacation

Whether you go on vacation in high season or regular season, and whether you go with family or with friends, finding a way to save money during your vacation while having the time of your life is a win-win situation: everyone will have an incredible time and you’ll support regional tourism.

Saving on vacation doesn’t mean skimping on expenses and dealing with scarcity, nor is it a matter of haggling so the company or person trying to make a deal lowers their profit margin; it’s a question of finding a perfect cost-benefit ratio that satisfies both sides.

That’s why we want to give you some tips that will allow you to get these advantages and more on your next vacation:

  1. Buy in advance. If you buy ahead of time and you’re not afraid of any personal or work conflicts that could jeopardize your trip, go ahead. Airlines offer unique discounts on advance purchases. In particular, you can take advantage of additional discounts, including coupons and discount codes.
  2. Compare. It’s always important to have options, especially when it comes to tourism service providers. Have you ever been shopping in a market when the sellers themselves start fighting each other for your attention? The same situation can happen with airlines and hotels.
  3. Look for good accommodation. Accommodation is one of the highest expenses on vacation. Choosing where to stay can be complicated, much more so with so many options in places like Playa del Carmen or Tulum: hotels, hostels and much more. Personally, we recommend checking out all the options; places like Happy Address offer similar or better amenities than many hotels in the Riviera Maya and you not only get an air-conditioned hotel room, but a fully-furnished apartment at an incredible price.
  4. Enjoy being free. Remember, you’re on vacation to have fun. Why tie yourself to a schedule? Check out guided walking tours or have an adventure and discover surrounding areas.
  5. Have an authentic experience. Mixing with the vibe of a place is an experience unmatched in every way. By living like a true local you can discover more than as a tourist and meet incredible people.

We hope these tips will encourage you to travel and have fun on your vacation.

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