5 tropical carols for Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas is not celebrated the same way everywhere; case in point, during the holidays there is no more representative Mexican dish than Norwegian cod. Not to mention the traditional American meal that is accompanied by turkey and the very regional fruit cake.

Fortunately, faithful to the spirit of Christmas, people from different parts of the world have learned to reconcile their differences and adopt what they love most about each culture to their lifestyle.

At Happy Address we know the important thing is to create bonds instead of building walls. Following this idea, and just as each place has its unique traditions, each place also puts its own spin on the holidays.Today, we wanted to show you how to revitalize your traditions in the style of the Mayan Riviera so the next time you come to Playa del Carmen on vacation, you feel warmth in your heart, but also a desire to dance.


This traditional song was made famous by a brand of soft drinks, but this version has more “coconut” than “Coke.”


The story of Rudolph is, at first, very sad, about an animal without friends. But even the sad part is enjoyable when you add some bongos, a little brass and a lot of Latin flavor.


Christmas is white, but with this song it’s worth asking: is it white as snow or white as the beaches and clouds in the Caribbean?


The legendary Celia Cruz could not be missing from our list with her version of “Jingle Bells.”


And, with one of those perfect combinations that could only come from the Caribbean, like rum and coke or rice and avocado, Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón are here with “Aires de Navidad,”a Christmas carol as Caribbean as its sound.




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