Come to the Mayan Riviera and Throw the Perfect Bachelorette Party

The Mayan Riviera is one of the most popular destinations for weddings. We don’t have to explain why, do we? Just remember the beautiful images of the Caribbean sea and the white sand beaches. But you don’t have to wait till your wedding day or honey moon to enjoy this magic paradise. As a matter of fact, the Mayan Riviera is the perfect place to celebrate many of the most important events of our lives.

Besides all of Nature’s beauty, here you will find great options to have fun and a good time, such as boutiques, bars, restaurants, and a wide variety of activities to enjoy the sea, jungle and nearby cenotes. The Mayan Riviera gives you great options to enjoy your trip and have great moments with your besties before getting married.

How do you want your escapade to be? Cancún is 100% partying, Playa is partying with a bohemian vibe, and Tulum offers a more peaceful and spiritual experience. You decide. Whatever your destination will be, we encourage you to avoid getting an all-inclusive package, since instead of providing you with more options, it takes them away. The Mayan Riviera is a place to be fully enjoyed.

In Happy Address we offer quality services to guarantee you a comfortable stay. You can rely on our concierge service to organize a package according to your needs (booking, tours, grocery service, and so on). So you don’t have to worry about anything, just have a great time here, in the Mayan Riviera.




Enjoy the Mexican Caribbean with your Besties!

True friendship is the greatest treasure anyone can enjoy. Having close and loyal people around whom we can depend on gives us emotional wellbeing, joy, trust, and is also good for our overall health.

In this fast-paced world, making time to reactivate friendships or to nurture new found special attachments can prove difficult. That’s why finding alternative options like a best friend trip, far away from daily endeavors, to a vibrant and cool destination, will turn up in an unforgettable experience for you. Have you thought about the Mayan Riviera?

Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are the most popular destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. Each one has a unique identity and characteristics. While Cancun is pure fun and adventure with a lot of people, Playa is a cool and bohemian multicultural city, where you can always throw a party, Tulum is all peace and tranquility, close to Nature and the ancient spirit of the Maya people. Where would you like to go with your besties?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. However, no matter the season, there are always good reasons to plan an escapade. Although there are many hotels and condos here, only with Happy Address will you have a unique experience, away from chain hotels and all-inclusive packages. Check out the luxury condos we offer!




Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Mayan Riviera!

There are many reasons to be grateful for love everyday. However, to carry on the tradition, it’s always a good idea to enjoy a romantic escapade to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Is there a better option than the Mayan Riviera?

There are a lot of hotels and condos here, but for this special occasion we want you to have a unique experience, far away from chain hotels and all-inclusive packages. Happy Address offers luxury condos in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

The Mexican Caribbean is a great romantic destination. It’s the very first option for many couples to get married or celebrate their anniversary. Nevertheless, we don’t need a special reason to celebrate love at the beach and to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and the sunset, while we take a romantic stroll by the sea.

Happy Address also provides additional services to guarantee your satisfaction: private chef, massages, babysitting, and grocery shopping, so you can focus all your attention on having a good time and a great Valentine’s Day.

February is just around the corner. What are you waiting for to celebrate love in the Mayan Riviera? At Happy Address we are waiting for you.




The Mayan Riviera is for kids too!

If you want to visit the Mayan Riviera with your family, we want to let you know that you would guarantee them one of the happiest trips of their lives. Not only will they enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, but they also will find a lot of activities which will turn into unforgettable experiences.

If you come to Playa del Carmen o Tulum, you can take a tour to a nearby cenote or explore the mangroves by kayak. Swimming with dolphins is also an option. Whatever you decide is a great choice and will make your children feel very close to Nature.

If you want to visit an amusement park with a wide variety of activities to choose from, here are two options:



This natural park is the most famous of the region. Here you can swim or take a raft tour through underground rivers, as well as learn about the local traditions and cuisine, which have been recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Go to Xcaret’s website here.


Croco Cun Zoo

Located in Puerto Morelos, this is a unique zoo: not only can you feed the animals, but you also are allowed to touch them and hold them in your arms. If you’re brave enough, you can also walk safely among crocodiles. Go to Croco Cun Zoo’s website here.

We encourage you not to stay in a chain hotel, look for a condo instead where you and your family can feel at ease. Besides your privacy, safety and peace, if you stay at any Happy Address accommodation, you can count on additional services such as private chef, concierge, nanny, and so much more available to make sure your family is safe and having a great time in the Mexican Caribben.




Enjoy the Mayan Riviera in 2019!

Now that 2019 has just begun, it’s time to make plans and schedule important events. Where do you want to go on vacation? The beautiful landscapes and the many different activities it offers for travelers make the Mayan Riviera one of the most popular destinations of the world.

When is the best time for visiting the Mexican Caribbean? Well, it depends… what are your plans and priorities? Are you looking for affordable prices? Attending a special event or enjoying a specific season? Is the weather a main factor in your decision making process?


High Season vs Low Season

If you want to take advantage of the low prices and enjoy the Mayan Riviera without a lot of fuzz and people, the low season (May- June, September-October) is your best option. On the other hand, if you want to meet a lot of new people and party a lot, high season (December-January, Spring Break, Easter and Summer) is for you.


Special Events

Different festivals, activities and events take place all year round. We encourage you to keep an eye on our blog so you know what’s coming. The day of the dead (early November), the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival (end of November-early December) and the Winter Holiday Season are among the most popular.


The Weather

Are you very sensitive to hot weather? From May to September both humidity and temperature rise, so you will need to take extra special care for outdoor activities. If you prefer a more gentle weather, the rest of the year will suit you well. Keep in mind that the rainy season is also the hot one.

Remember that enjoying the Mayan Riviera is a never ending story. Come whenever you want to, and experience different moods in different seasons. We are Happy Address and we are here for you.




Have a great 2019 and enjoy the Caribbean!

Do you have any plans for 2019? New beginnings fill us with the energy of rebirth and give us the opportunity to reasses what we hold dear. The most important things are you being happy, at ease, and taking time to reconnect with your awareness to find balance and share good moments with your loved ones. The Mexican Caribbean is a great place for this, and Happy Address provides cozy and luxury apartments and a wide variety of services.

At Happy Address, our main goal for next year is providing better services for you to fully enjoy the time you spend in Tulum or Playa del Carmen. We offer luxury and fully equipped & furnished apartments where you will feel at home. You can choose where to stay: all of our developments are next to the beach and where the action occurs. You decide which environment or condo type suits you better among the variety of options we offer.

Whether you prefer peace and harmony, or entertainment, night life or extreme adventures, you can find it here. Playa del Carmen and Tulum are among the most famous destinations world-wide for the travelers who are in love with beautiful beaches. Here you can re-connect with yourself and live some unforgettable time in the Mayan Riviera! We look forward to welcoming here you in 2019.




The 10 most sought after destinations for New Year’s Eve!

2018 is almost gone! We’re sure you have plans to say goodbye to it and welcome 2019 with great enthusiasm. If you booked a reservation with Happy Address, we will be very happy to greet you and help you have a great celebration in Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

Did you know that Tulum is one of the ten most famous destinations among tourists for New Year’s Eve? (According to Airbnb) We’re not surprised at all (and you sure aren’t) since it’s obvious something like this could happen: Tulum is a place full of magic and beauty.

If you are now wondering which are the other nine most famous places in the world to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, here is the list:


10. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

It is almost as famous as Bangkok. An interesting city that offers ethno tourism activities, a cultural environment and events, and a lot of shopping.


9. Cartagena (Colombia)

Proclaimed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Cartagena’s historical legacy as well as its beautiful beaches make it an unforgettable destination.


8. San Diego (USA)

Just across the Mexican border, and located in the state of California, this city stands out because of its beaches, amusement parks, museums, shopping malls, and its world-famous zoo.


7. New Orleans (USA)

Music, cuisine, cultural events… a major port, New Orleans offers great options for visitors. It is defined by its French, African, English and Latino heritage.


6. Kissimmee (USA)

Nearby Florida’s amusement parks, Walt Disney World’s visitors choose this city to find accommodation.


5. Miami (USA)

Most cruise ships arrive or depart from here. Miami has a lot to offer: besides its beautiful beaches and fun vibe, it is also a very important international spot for the entertainment industry, as well as for fashion and art.


4. Tulum (Mexico)

What can we say? This is our favorite destination. Culture, cuisine, history, natural landscapes. Tulum is like Paradise on Earth thanks to its beaches, cenotes, the jungle, and the mystical spirit of the Maya people that still abides.


3. Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Located on the Pacific Coast, this city is a classic destination for travelers who love the beaches of Mexico. Whether you want mountains & waterfalls and enjoy climbing, or beaches and prefer swimming, you can have fun in Puerto Vallarta.


2. London (United Kingdom)

To welcome New Year with style, there’s nothing else like London. Museums, art, culture, and an atmosphere in which tradition meets cutting edge, will all result in an unforgettable trip for you.


1. Mexico City (Mexico)

You will find everything here: restaurants, cultural events and music concerts, museums, a great nightlife, historical sites. This multicultural city gathers a great variety of options in just one place.




Sound Tulum is coming!

Sound Tulum, an electronic music festival inspired by Tulum’s magic and exotic vibe will take place from December 29th 2018 until January 13th 2019. After a successful first edition, this will be the second time for promoters, artists and brands of the underground electronic music industry to come together in the Riviera Maya.

Sound Tulum will also support social projects for the Mayan communities wellbeing. Sound Tulum’s venues will be incredible: cenotes, secret lagoons, the jungle, paradise-like beaches. This year’s edition will feature artists like Bedouin, Santiago García, Guy Laliberté, Joseph Capriati, Art Department, Luciano, Nicola Cruz, and many others.

Got your tickets? You can check out the programme here and buy tickets for the days that better suit you. At Happy Address we are waiting for you. Check out our available condos and choose the best one for you according to the location and atmosphere you prefer for your time in Tulum. Enjoy!




3 Seafood Restaurants in Playa del Carmen You Should Try in 2019!

Are you ready for 2019? At Happy Address we have the intention of becoming even better guests for you, and making your time here a funny and cozy one. Making your life easier and seeing you happy makes us happy. Now we want to share 3 of our favorite seafood restaurants in Playa del Carmen, so you won’t waste time deciding where to eat.


1. La Bamba Jarocha

At the corner of 36th North St. & 30th North Ave.
Here you will delight in traditional cuisine from Veracruz and the Gulf of Mexico, even though you’re visiting the Caribbean. Try the “arroz a la tumbada” or “chilpachole de mariscos”, two of the most delicious foods with the authentic flavor of Veracruz, while you listen to live traditional music.


2. La Fishería

5th Ave., between 20th St. & 22nd St.
Try the fried fish with lemon and habanero chilis, the lobster and shrimp pizza, and the tuna fish tostadas. They will exceed your expectations. La Fishería’s vibe is very cool and the place is nice and splendidly decorated. Without a doubt, this is a good place to enjoy a great meal.


3. Los Aguachiles

At the corner of 25th Ave. & 34th St.
If La Bamba Jarocha is the Gulf of Mexico’s food center at Playa del Carmen, Los Aguachiles is the Pacific Ocean’s west coast spot. Although this restaurant’s signature meal are aguachiles (a traditional food with shrimps, lemon, chiltepín chili and cucumber), you will also find here ceviches, fish tacos and seafood cocktails.




Enjoy Your Sundays in Playa del Carmen!

In Playa del Carmen, no Sunday will ever be a Gloomy Sunday. If you want to give yourself a break from sunbathing, swimming, or going to boutiques and restaurants, and would like to experience something different that makes you feel part of Playa del Carmen’s community, we have a suggestion for you: CulturArte, a series of events happening every Sunday at 18:00h at the bandshell of the Plaza 28 de Julio.

Musicians, artisans, entrepreneurs and local producers from the Mayan Riviera created these weekly events in order to support the local production and economy. At CulturArte you will find an Artisan’s Market with food products such as coconut oil, jelly, turmeric & honey mix, and cheese, and personal care products like soap, deodorant, shampoo, makeup, and natural remedies, pottery and jewelry. All made in the Mayan Riviera.

Art, of course, is also present: painting, dance, street theater, and urban art, alongside with hip hop, rap, break dance, rock, pop funk shows will introduce you to the music and culture from the Mexican Caribbean. Besides, if you’re travelling with your family, there are special activities for the little ones, such as circus shows, clowns, drawing and children makeup.

At Happy Address we want you to feel at home, living every day at Playa del Carmen as a unique experience. We are waiting for you!




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