Come to Tulum, and enjoy the Paax & Love Festival!

Paax & Love Festival’s first edition will take place in Tulum on January 5th and 6th 2019. “Paax”, which means “music” in Mayan, will define the whole festival, since music is the soul of this event which will also feature other forms of art and culture, cuisine, and experiences with Nature.

According to its creators, Paax & Love will have a joyful and open vibe, because cultural diversity will be the basis to create harmony. A wide variety of musical genres –rock, reggae, hip hop, indie, surf, funk, new wave and pop– will take one of the two stages, while the second one will feature house, tech-house, deep-house and techno.

Whether you are aware of the Mexican music scene or not, you should come to watch and listen to Zoé, DLD, Lng Sht, or to enjoy the DJ sets of musicians such as Rubén Albarrán, from Café Tacvba, Molotov’s Paco Ayala, and Sussie 4, who will be spinning their favorite music and mixes.

Although music will be first, the Paax & Love Festival will have many other entertaining options like pool parties, the opportunity to visit a beautiful cenote, food trucks, a fair with rides, a trendy-products market and a chilling & relax area to restore energies to keep partying.

Start your 2019 with the best music in the best place! Come to Paax & Love Festival, and stay with us, we are Happy Address, and we always want to make you feel at home.




Get Ready for Arena Festival 2019

Arena International Festival will happen in Playa del Carmen from January 30th to February 4th 2019. The Arena Festival is the largest gay and lesbian dance festival of Mexico. This will be the 8th edition, and dance music fans and queer people from all over the world will come to Playa del Carmen.

There will be a lot of events, surprises, famous DJs, circuit parties: it will be an unforgettable week full of house music. Tickets are selling out fast, so that if you want to attend the festival, you should hurry up so you don’t miss out on Arena.

Everybody is welcome at Happy Address. If you want to come to the festival, all you need to do, besides buying your ticket, is booking accommodation with us so that the time you spend in Playa del Carmen will be fun, but also cozy and safe, thanks to the modern services and amenities we provide to make you feel at home.

You can enjoy our services offered, such as private chef, grocery service, tours, private transportation, etc. Keep in mind that besides the Arena Festival, you will find a great nightlife in Playa del Carmen, so your options to enjoy will be unbeatable. We are waiting for you!




Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Mayan Riviera!

At Happy Address we want you to spend a meaningful time in the Mayan Riviera that makes you connect with what really matters in life. Whether you want peace and tranquility or adventurous and savage days which make your heart intensely beat, we can assure you you will find it here.

Although there is always a good reason to come to the Mexican Caribbean, New Year’s Eve is a very special and meaningful occasion. The beautiful sights, the ancient spirit of the Mayans and Playa’s and Tulum’s contemporary cosmopolitan vibe are the greatest scenario to feel gratitude, say goodbye to 2018, and welcome 2019.

The Mexican Caribbean is a very popular destination among travelers from all over the world looking for the most fulfilling experiences. Because of this, the local restaurants and bars work very hard to exceed the visitors’ expectations offering the best dinners, shows, and plans so you can have an unforgettable celebration.

At Happy Address we have a place for you, according to your own style and disposition. In Playa del Carmen, we welcome you at Sabor a Miel, Lunada, and Terrazas. In Tulum, Prana and Querido Tulum are waiting for you. Check out our developments to decide where you want to start your 2019!




Celebrate Christmas in the Mayan Riviera

If you still don’t know where you to celebrate Christmas, we have the best option for you. December the 24th is a great opportunity to travel with your loved ones to a paradise-like location where you can feel the sun kiss your skin while you enjoy the sea breeze, or take a stroll across the beach and the nearby streets wearing sandals, far away from the scarves and the cold weather.

Whether you prefer Playa del Carmen or Tulum, enjoying some days next to the Caribbean Sea and the ancient spirit of the Mayans will sure make a great Christmas experience you will all remember forever.

There will be no time for boredom because the Mayan Riviera has many options for every family member to enjoy. There is a great variety of water activities at the beach, and you can also spend quality time with Mother Nature and visit the nearby cenotes and mangroves. You can also time-travel to the legendary days of the Mayans when you visit the archaeological sites and underwater museums.

Unspoiled beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving tours, kayaking, shopping or gastronomic tourism, you decide. The Mexican Caribbean has it all for you to have an unbelievable time enjoying the breeze, the sea and the sun on your skin. At Happy Address we will take care of all the details to make you feel at home.




Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018

If you’re staying at a Happy Address accomodation on late October and early November, you definitely should attend the Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018, another wonderful Caribbean experience which happens every year. The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican celebration. The food, style and other cultural elements may vary according to the specific region where this ancient traditional celebration takes place. The cultural relevance of the Day of the Dead is such that it has been declared World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.



On this year edition, the special guest will be the Mexican state of Zacatecas. So, the gastronomic display will feature gorditas, Fresnillo enchiladas, Sombrerete brujitas, “poisoned” tacos, and asado de boda, besides traditional cuisine from Yucatán and Quintana Roo. The music will include the classic Mexican Revolution “corridos” as well as traditional songs from Zacatecas. Gala concerts, guest musicians from Colombia, and a percussion ensemble will also be part of Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018.

Stage shows are in, too! There will be puppets, spoken-theater, and circus performances, as well as traditional sketches from Zacatecas, Yucatán, Quintana Roo, and Quebec. If you are fond of photography, painting, or illustration, you will also enjoy a variety of exhibitions and workshops, besides the display of the traditional altars dedicated to the dead.

This year, Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death Traditions will feature for the first time three gala concerts: Eugenia León will run her show on October 31th, and Ely Guerra will rock the stage on November 2nd. Both of them will perform together on November the 1st.

At Happy Address we want you to enjoy the beauty and culture of the Mexican Caribbean. We are waiting for you.




Enjoy the Best Jazz Music at the Mayan Riviera

Every year, the groove invades the Caribbean, so you can listen and enjoy the best of the international Jazz scene in the coolest environment. The 2018 Riviera Maya Jazz Festival’s lineup include a wide range of musicians you can’t miss out, like Norah Jones, Bobby McFerrin, and Bebel Gilberto. From the Mexican scene, Jazz musicians like Pepe Hernández, Kike Pat, and Paco Rosas & PK Band will be also playing. The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will take place from November 30th to December 2nd at Playa Mamitas.

If you love Jazz music, you sure know who we are talking about. However, if you’re a newcomer to the world of Jazz, we invite you to get to know them through their music.


Norah Jones


Bobby McFerrin


Bebel Gilberto


Lori Williams & Bob Baldwin


Kike Pat Aké (a mayan in Jazz)


At Happy Address, we are waiting for you. Book a reservation now and have the best accommodation when you come to Playa to enjoy the best music.




Your Bachelorette Party at the Mayan Riviera will be Unforgettable

Poshtel Bombonzua is great for bachelorettes. If you’re wondering what a Poshtel is, well, it’s a trendy accommodation concept that combines a boutique hotel’s great style with the fresh and cool vibe of a hostel. Can you imagine your bachelorette party at the Mayan Riviera, in a cool atmosphere, surrounded by your girlfriends, enjoying a few days at the cozy Poshtel Bombonzua which was specifically designed for you to celebrate?

We focus in elegance and aesthetic style. Our apartments are large, enough for 12 people. They have 4 rooms, each one with 2 single beds and 1 sliding bed. All of our apartments include a dressing room with 4 closets and 1 bathroom with three shower heads. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, TV and WiFi.

There is also a common area specifically designed for you and your friends so that you can enjoy getting ready for your night out in Playa’s bars and clubs or chilling while watching a movie. Here you can also find the “vanity area”, a special place for you to pretty up.

We are waiting for you at Happy Address to book a reservation for this special occasion. You and your friends deserve the best of attentions at Poshtel Bombonzua.




The City of the Descending God

Tulum is one of the most sought after travel destinations of Mexico. In addition to the beauty of the beach and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, Tulum is the perfect match between the ancient mysticism and the remaining tranquility of the Mayan people, and a sophisticated lifestyle. Besides, Tulum’s contemporary spirit it’s not at odds with its mysticism and even with its place in History.

Tulum, the magical Maya city of the Caribbean, means “wall” in English. Its original name was Zamá, which means “Dawn”. It was built in the posclassic period on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean landscape. According to historians, the main building of this Mayan city, “The Castle”, served also as a lighthouse to warn sailors of the dangerous reef underneath the glittering waters of the sea next to the coast.

The city was devoted to the cult of the “Descending God” Ah Muzen Kaab, mysterious deity which has been related to the twilight Sun and planet Venus, and also with rain and lightning. The architecture combines Mayan style elements with others which were influenced by Central Mexico civilizations. Tulum was built according to the traditional pattern of the four cardinal points to align itself to the cosmic pattern of the five sacred points (North, South, East, West and the Center).

Tulum is more than a paradise-like place: it’s full of history and culture, depth and mystery. In Happy Address we invite you to Prana and Querido Tulum, our two developments in the area, so you can choose the accommodation that best suits you to discover this sacred city.




Get an adrenaline rush in the Caribbean

The Mayan Riviera provides the right emotion for everybody. If you’re looking for peace and rest, there are spots and landscapes that will get you there; if you’re into partying, you can look for the nightclubs and bars that have made Mayan Riviera’s nightlife one of the most fun and sought after in Mexico. If you want to get an adrenaline rush and experience your wild side, there are also options for you!

What are you craving for? To get your adrenaline rush near the water, in the air, on the ground? In the three of them? If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re into excitement, thrill-seeking and extreme experiences. Here are some activities you can’t miss during your stay in the Mayan Riviera.


1. Parasailing

If you haven’t been into it, imagine a cross between skiing and flying, that’s the best way to describe this way of marveling at the beaches from above. This activity is exciting from beginning to end; what could be better than the wind in your hair while you’re floating like a sea bird that reigns upon the heights?


2. Bungee jumping

You will hardly find an activity as extreme as this one. Only those who are really searching for an adrenaline rush dare to do it. Imagine 25 meters between you and the ocean: you’re hanging by a thread and going faster and faster by the second. Do you dare?


3. Skydive

If you dare to try bungee jumping, you will find skydiving very attractive. There are businesses which specialize in skydiving and offer freefalls over the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean. Imagine looking from above to the line between the turquoise sea and the glittering sand. The Mayan Riviera’s weather and landscape are ideal for you to try skydiving.

Of course, these aren’t the only activities out there, just some of the most significant ones. Don’t worry about accommodation: with Happy Address you can be sure you’ll have a great place with first-rate services waiting for you when you get back.




The Mayan Riviera is our home, let us respect it

At Happy Address we are waiting for you to live the Mexican Caribbean experience fully. Being here means to reconnect with ourselves, to enjoy and value what is really important in life. Our relationship with Nature, Earth and its cycles is fundamental. We encourage you to have here a fulfilling experience, may the pleasure and awareness that this magical place entices be positive for both.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, you can find 55% of Mexico’s mangroves and also fundamental reefs that sustain the sea life of this region. The ever green jungle is the peninsula’s lung and contributes to regulate the all-year-long tropical weather which is so attractive to tourists and local people alike.

Because it’s important for all of us to look after this paradise which is so generous to us, we want to share with you the following advices that will contribute to make your next visit to the Mayan Riviera both respectful and rewarding.


1. Don’t use a car

Living the Mayan Riviera experience is better by bike or by foot. Time here passes by slowly and unhurried, so you can enjoy a good stroll or use public transportation. Thus, you will reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.


2. Beware with food

Cuisine in the Mayan Riviera is delicious and has many options. You can find dishes from all over the world, of many styles and for different tastes. Nevertheless, you may get clandestine offers to consume protected species, such as sea turtles, and you should definetely refuse them.


3. Reuse and recycle

When we are travelling, we can indulge ourselves into using disposable packagings. Try to reuse packagings, bottles and containers, or use, whenever it is possible, returnable ones. Also, chose recycled packagings (cardboard, paper or fabric), instead of plastic.


4. Be like you were never there

The Mayan Riviera will surely leave its mark on you, but be careful that you don’t leave your mark on her. It’s vitally important to collect cans, plastic bags, napkins and all other trash you’ve generated during your stay. Separate your trash before it’s collected.


5. Pay respect to green areas

Mayan Riviera’s Flora and Fauna are noble and basic for survival. We urge you not to smoke nearby nor throw the cigarrette butts or the matches on the ground because they can cause a fire. Also, if you visit a natural park or reservation, you must be even more careful because they are protected natural areas.




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