Can it really be cold in Playa del Carmen?

You don’t travel to Playa del Carmen thinking it might end up feeling like a trip to Aspen. That might be an exaggeration, but one of the Mexican Caribbean’s main selling points is the possibility of being in a place where every season is warm, and that’s true most of the time.

But the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan Riviera can also be cold.

Of course, when we say cold we’re thinking 62º F (17º C), which is the usual temperature in more temperate climates or places at higher altitudes.

Still, you should know that many activities are still perfectly viable, except when there are strong wind currents. In those cases, water activities are suspended, and we recommend drying up soon after going for a swim. You don’t want to catch a cold that will ruin your vacation.

While it’s true that Playa del Carmen’s architecture and usual warm temperatures cause many activities to take place outdoors, you can also find cozy places, great cafés and intimate bars filled with soft music.

And a final note: in the Yucatan Peninsula, these “low” temperatures are known as heladez (iciness). If you get to experience “iciness” during your visit, enjoy it: it’s a gift as rare as finding a black pearl.




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