Can Playa del Carmen be enjoyed while traveling with children?

Few destinations are as exciting (and often stigmatized) as Playa del Carmen. Is it really where spring break was born? Is it just a 24/7 party town?

In short: no, those are all lies.

Playa del Carmen is diverse enough to offer entertainment for the entire family. While it’s true there are hotels unsuitable for children, access is restricted, so you don’t have to worry about accidently booking them.

Still, we’re often asked if couples with young kids can enjoy a family vacation in Playa del Carmen.

Caribbean beaches offer many activities for those with older children to enjoy, but they also feature plenty of unique experiences, including contact with nature, interacting with local animals, discovering the history of an ancient civilization, underwater museums, cenotes and plenty of other attractions, from virgin beaches to street performers putting on shows for the whole family.

The Mayan Riviera offers fun for everyone, regardless of age; as a matter of fact, we even have a Cirque du Soleil show.

Playa del Carmen is so much more than a spring break destination: it’s a wonderful stage where beauty and dreams come to life.




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