Do you have a minute to talk about Fifth Avenue?

Every time someone hears the words “Fifth Avenue,” the ideas that come to mind are sophistication, jet set, famous artists, flashing advertisements, the heart of a capital that never sleeps. And yes, they’re absolutely right. This definition is broad and accurate enough to cover both Fifth Avenues that exist in the world: those in New York and Playa del Carmen.

And while New York’s Fifth Avenue has its distinctive characteristics, in Playa del Carmen you’re in the heart of a city that opens its arms to welcome visitors.

Parallel to the beach, this street has restaurants, spas, shops, cafes, boutiques, galleries, craft stalls and everything you need to let your shopping-loving spirit fly.

Here you can find everything from designer jewelry to handmade crafts with a pre-Hispanic touch, from robot impersonators to concheros (a Mexican ritual dance). The life of Playa del Carmen can be summarized by what happens on Fifth Avenue.

But if you really want to delve deep, your tour should start at Paseo del Carmen, a small plaza that connects to Fifth Avenue through a cool, refreshing alley, perfect for a few hours’ respite from the heat.

If you walk a little farther to 12th Avenue, you’ll find bars, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment spots where you can have a small shot of tequila or mezcal or decide to party until dawn.

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