Enjoy the Sun and Get a Wonderful Tan Safely

Your Mayan Riviera experience will be vastly improved if you ensue some steps and measure when enjoying a sunbath. No matter the season, here the Sun will always color your body just as the beautiful landscape will fill your eyes and soul.

To have a smooth golden or bronze tan, we want to give you some important tips to achieve the beautiful dark skin tone which is the signature of the Caribbean.


1. Nutrition

Eat colorful salads, fresh fruits, seeds and grains daily, so you will cover the adequate intake of vitamins A, C and E, which contribute to healthy skin and tissues. Don’t forget fish and dry fruits such as cranberry, grapes or raisins, since they are a very good source of Omega-3, which protects you against free radicals.


2. Exfoliation

To exfoliate your skin you can use both home-made products or a body scrub, this way you will remove death skin cells and your skin will feel soft and smooth.


3. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink enough water (six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily will be enough). After sun exposure, keep your skin hydrated using body creams and gels to keep your tan longer and soothe your skin.


4. Avoid the strongest rays of the Sun

Stay in the shade when the Sun is at its strongest, usually from 10:00 to 16:00. UVB and UVA rays increase by this time of the day and can cause skin damage.


5. Protect yourself from the Sun

To sunbathe safely and get a nice tan you will need effective protection. Apply enough 50SPF or 100SPF sunblock on your skin and reapply after swimming or sweating. Also apply natural oils to achieve a healthy glowing complexion. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a nice hat!

At Happy Address we want you to have a nice time in the Caribbean and to keep this experience as a beautiful memory in both your heart and your skin.




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