Exotic animals you could see during your vacation

If we recognize the real estate developers in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera for anything, it should be for the great respect they have for the environment.

Although this topic always proves controversial, many of the entrepreneurs and investors understand the importance of caring for the environment.It couldn’t be otherwise: Playa del Carmen’s exuberant beauty not only delights visitors and humans, it’s a tribute to nature.

Whether you come for a peaceful family vacation or for something much more adventurous with friends, Playa del Carmen will welcome you with open arms and surely have some lovely surprises to make your experience in paradise even better.

Check out what animals you could see during your travels through the beautiful natural surroundings of the Mayan Riviera:



Locals call them “foxes” because that’s what they’ve been taught. But this beautiful animal has a charming face that seems to smile while turning its head to look at us. In addition, it’s the only marsupial in Latin America. In many parts of the city it’s regarded as a pest, but in the Mayan Riviera we take care of it and protect it.



Its beauty, coat, grace, ferocity. The ocelot is a majestic and charming feline that lives deep in the jungle. You’ll definitely hear its growl as you bask in the sun on a deserted beach, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear.


Sea turtle

A distinguished visitor to our shores, the sea turtle travels thousands of miles over its lifetime and comes to spawn to the shores of Quintana Roo. They are a protected species, and you can find different sanctuaries all along the Mayan Riviera.



The boa constrictor is a beautiful snake that is neither venomous nor aggressive. If you come across one, don’t be afraid, let it continue on its way.

These are just some of the species you can find here. Don’t forget they are wild animals, so you shouldn’t disturb them or alter their habitat. This way we can continue to enjoy the charm of the Mayan Riviera and unforgettable vacations for a long time.

Would you like to know how to enjoy Playa del Carmen in a way you never imagined?




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