Flyboard in Playa del Carmen: do you dare to fly during your vacation?

Humans associate two things with adventure: the ocean and flying. And vacations can be a good time to take on new adventures you never imagined, right?

The sea has always been synonymous with facing the unknown, a gigantic element that makes up more of the world than we do. It’s also a foreign world, full of creatures that don’t look like us, with an ever-changing surface, both of which make it so fascinating.

The idea of flight has always amazed us, ever since the first men saw birds move swiftly from one place to another using only their wings, air and movement.

All that comes together in the Flyboard, the best activity you can do when planning your vacation in Playa del Carmen.

Every summer the beaches are filled with sunbathing tourists, other who just take a quick dip to cool off, some who stay in the pool, but everyone is looking for fun.

Others, the brave ones, are dedicated to Flyboard.

It was developed in 2011 and allows you to reach up to 40 feet in the air, get in the water and swim like a dolphin. The Flyboard consists of two boots, a hose, a board, and a turbine that pushes out powerful jets of water that will lift you up.

Flyboard is one of the most spectacular, unique activities you can try. Would you like us to help you plan your vacation in Playa del Carmen? Why not take advantage and learn about a type of accommodation that will change the way you think of water sports?




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