Get an adrenaline rush in the Caribbean

The Mayan Riviera provides the right emotion for everybody. If you’re looking for peace and rest, there are spots and landscapes that will get you there; if you’re into partying, you can look for the nightclubs and bars that have made Mayan Riviera’s nightlife one of the most fun and sought after in Mexico. If you want to get an adrenaline rush and experience your wild side, there are also options for you!

What are you craving for? To get your adrenaline rush near the water, in the air, on the ground? In the three of them? If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re into excitement, thrill-seeking and extreme experiences. Here are some activities you can’t miss during your stay in the Mayan Riviera.


1. Parasailing

If you haven’t been into it, imagine a cross between skiing and flying, that’s the best way to describe this way of marveling at the beaches from above. This activity is exciting from beginning to end; what could be better than the wind in your hair while you’re floating like a sea bird that reigns upon the heights?


2. Bungee jumping

You will hardly find an activity as extreme as this one. Only those who are really searching for an adrenaline rush dare to do it. Imagine 25 meters between you and the ocean: you’re hanging by a thread and going faster and faster by the second. Do you dare?


3. Skydive

If you dare to try bungee jumping, you will find skydiving very attractive. There are businesses which specialize in skydiving and offer freefalls over the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean. Imagine looking from above to the line between the turquoise sea and the glittering sand. The Mayan Riviera’s weather and landscape are ideal for you to try skydiving.

Of course, these aren’t the only activities out there, just some of the most significant ones. Don’t worry about accommodation: with Happy Address you can be sure you’ll have a great place with first-rate services waiting for you when you get back.




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