How to have a great vacation with friends

Going on vacation with your friends is one of the best experiences you can have; if you’ve never done it, what are you waiting for? Friends share the best in each other’s lives, they know (and keep) each other’s secrets, likes and dislikes… going on vacation with them will always be a great option.

It must be said, though, that there are some etiquette guidelines you should follow, because no matter how close you may be, you all come from different families with different rules and habits, so differences may come up. So how do you make sure your vacation with friends goes perfectly?

The rule is there should be no rules, but you should use common sense. Here are some basic guidelines to have a great time when traveling with friends.


Personal use items are called that for a reason

When on vacation, each of you should consider their own personal hygiene and pack their own personal use items: toothbrush, underwear, floss, etc. The reason is simple: some people may be allergic to others’ pH (seriously), or may use an expensive item they reserve for special occasions. Keep the personal stuff personal.


Don’t hog the bathroom

One of the main issues when traveling is using the bathroom, especially early in the morning or after a long day outside. Here it’s a good idea to be considerate, but an even better solution is finding accommodation options that offer more than a hotel room, something more spacious so everyone will be more comfortable.


Avoid surprises

While traveling with friends is all about the adventure, you should keep in mind that some surprises aren’t always pleasant, like not finding a place to spend the night. It’s a good idea to book your accommodation in advance; luckily, there are plenty of great options at affordable rates. Remember to enjoy yourselves and share your happy moments with Happy Address


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