Is it possible to stick to a diet while on vacation?

You may have seen a saying going around online: “Vacation calories don’t count.” Don’t we all wish that were at least 50% true?

The thing is, it’s not.

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to put your healthy eating habits on hold, does it?

It’s true that at many hotels and all-inclusive resorts, temptation is far too great. While healthy options are offered, let’s be honest: very few people are able to choose a salad over pizza, burgers, ice cream, margaritas, pancakes, steak, etc.

There are ways to stay in shape, or at least do better when it comes to food.

Would you like to know how to watch what you eat while on vacation?


Don’t forget breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Yes, we know sometimes the best part of being on vacation is waking up at lunchtime, but a substantial breakfast that includes cereals, protein and milk is a source of energy that will help you enjoy each day.


Active recreation

Reading a book by the pool is wonderful, but so is swimming a little, or if you packed your sneakers, why not go for a jog?


Healthy snacks

Snacks are readily available wherever you go. You may be tempted to go for chips, cookies, etc., but you’ll also be able to find nuts, energy bars and fruit.


Don’t deprive yourself, but eat in moderation

Moderation is key when it comes to food. We know it’s possible to resist temptation, but it’s easier to give in just a little, and you’ll be happier instead of frustrated.

These are just a few tips to eat healthy while on vacation, but you could also choose accommodations that cater to your diet, like Happy Address: an innovative way to travel. Trust them with your stay and let your vacations be unforgettable.




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