Itinerary for a newly married couple in Playa del Carmen

If the Mayan Riviera is a place easily enjoyed when traveling solo, it’s double the experience and enjoyment if you visit with the love of your life.

People go to the Mayan Riviera to have fun, but that fun doesn’t just mean parties that end at dawn, extreme sports and sleepless nights that end with a cup of coffee and some good tacos.

If you decide to go on your honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, you’ll definitely have some unforgettable experiences you’ll hope to repeat. Here are some suggestions for your first amazing trip as a married couple. We’re sure honeymooners will have a blast with any of these options.


An improvised dance on Fifth Avenue

Walking on Fifth Avenue means breathing in the life in Playa del Carmen, letting the music, fun and atmosphere seep through your pores. You’ll probably be outside a bar playing your favorite song, or maybe walking near a live band that will take you back to that concert you went to; in any case, loosen up those joints and enjoy Playa’s vibrant life.


Take a swim together

The crystalline waters of the Caribbean are perfect for enjoying a dip as a couple: the sun, the white sand, a few refreshing drinks. Just don’t forget to put on sunglasses and sunscreen. You never know.


Watch a sunset

We’re not exaggerating when we tell you a sunset in Playa del Carmen has inspired many an artist and painter. Really: you’ve never seen so many colors, and you’ve never been so excited to see a natural show that happens every day, yet mostly goes unnoticed. Believe us, it feels like you’ve been reborn.

Of course, remember these are only suggestions. In the end, you’ll make your own decisions about what to do and how to do it; that’s the essence of Happy Address, to make your freedom part of your plans.




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