Live, don’t just travel

In this era of social networks and a 2.0 world, we seem to live under the dictatorship of the selfie, where everything is perfect, all food is instagram-worthy, all landscapes are beautiful, all drinks are “flirty” and all parties are amazing. They make us believe the Instagram Moments, the Facebook stories and the thousands of hashtags we use in any social network.

We’ve forgotten to live every moment, as if everything was about posing for a selfie, but there’s something much more important: living. We don’t mean like when your grandparents say that this generation has forgotten many things. We travel, but only for the pictures.

When you completely experience a place, like when you stay at Happy Address, you exchange the smile in the selfie for a laugh with your friends, you stop thinking about Instagram and you get lost in paradises you’ve just discovered, where your phone barely has a signal. But, how can you turn your trip to the Mayan Riviera into an authentic experience?


Disconnect from the internet

Sometimes it’s good to take a few minutes away from your phone and all the worries about “likes” and “shares;” now imagine doing it for several hours. Maybe it sounds crazy, but after a while you stop thinking about it and start enjoying the scenery, just for you and those with you; stop listening to Spotify and start listening to the breeze. Stop thinking about the picture and start creating memories.


Search for the authentic

What do the people who live here eat? What was life like for the first people who lived here? What will it feel like to live in this paradise? Experiences begin when you create empathy with the space and feel the breeze, feel the sand under your feet, the freshness of the blue ocean. Sensations that can’t be translated into an emoji.


Forget about traditional hotels

Hotels are stuffy spaces that only seem cozy: rules, schedules, cold staff that welcome you with a smile but don’t mean it. At Happy Address we want to give you the most authentic experience, something you can live, talk about, and want to repeat. We want to turn your trip to the Riviera into something you want to share more than just online.




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