Please, don’t stay at a chain hotel

We know you’re looking to provide the best for your family. Having the endorsement of a well-known hotel chain seems to guarantee certain aspects of your stay, but we seriously believe the rules have changed: that the best way to truly enjoy and experience a vacation is now different, and that you deserve an experience so new, you’ll never find it in a catalogue.

Don’t stay at a hotel if you’re restless or think of rules as more like suggestions; or you’ll have to stick to a schedule for everything from the moment your reservation is made.

Don’t stay at a hotel if you love nature as it is: unpredictable, beautiful, spontaneous, unique. Hotels will do everything to make your stay “pleasant,” but will never take you to a landscape where you might see a dolphin jump out of the water at sunset; you’ll never randomly come across a crab walking back to its hole.

Don’t stay at a hotel if you enjoy authenticity; if you love walking by yourself, getting lost, discovering new locations and being enchanted by them, and taking in the colorful culture of the destination you’re visiting.

Don’t stay at a hotel if you want to give your family a unique, unforgettable vacation. Because they might differ in some aspects, but in the end they’re all the same.

Don’t stay at a hotel if you’re all about freedom.

If you really want to find a new way to pamper your family, to open their eyes to a new world view, to teach them about life and about their destination, you should find a new way to travel, to stay, and to be yourself.


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