Staying in shape while vacationing in Playa del Carmen

Many travelers like to say “calories don’t count on vacation.”   If you enjoy taking care of your body and staying in shape, we have news for you:

  • The good news: Resting is good for your body. It helps heal and tone muscles, leaving them ready for your next workout.
  • The bad news: Calories do count.

But not everything is lost.

There are plenty of options to exercise during your vacation in Playa del Carmen or any destination you choose. Here are some ideas:


The old reliable: go for a run

Make the most of being at the beach and run or jog a few miles. The combination of landscape, breeze and sand is a fitness experience that very few have had the joy of experiencing, and it will also help you improve your technique, strengthen your leg muscles, improve your cardiovascular health and burn calories.

If you choose to follow your workout routine in the mornings, don’t forget the sunscreen: you could get sunburned even very early in the morning, especially if you run more than thirty minutes.


Don’t skip the gym

Playa del Carmen has plenty of first-rate gyms available, with certified coaches and amazing facilities. Ask about their day-pass options and enjoy a change of scenery while following your home routine or a brand new one.

There are also “gym on the beach” options that allow you to train like a true athlete by the spectacular Caribbean for a similar price.


Home workout

If you prefer to exercise at home, staying at Happy Address is the best way to secure the perfect space to carry out your routine without having to adapt to the uncomfortable facilities of a hotel.

Our recommendation?

Take a look at Neila Rey’s programs. She’s one of the most interesting fitness instructors out there, and with her easy themed routines you can choose whether to train like an X-Man, Batman, a Spartan or Wonder Woman.

The best part is she offers options for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Forget the excuses. If you enjoy working out, there are plenty of ways to do it during your Playa del Carmen vacation.




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