Sustainability projects in Playa del Carmen

The Mayan Riviera is a paradise, but its conservation requires everyone’s cooperation. After all, every visitor who comes to the Mayan Riviera takes a bit of its landscapes, its heartbeat and leaves a footprint in the sand, with the promise to return.

However, not all tracks are ideal. Sometimes, tourism can play an important role in a destination’s deterioration and unsustainability.

The Mayan Riviera is an exceptional case: as part of a large, coordinated effort, different public and private institutions joined forces to qualify for the EarthCheck certification, which guarantees that real efforts are made for the comprehensive conservation of the environment and ecosystem.

There’s no shortage of skeptics who believe environmental projects and certifications that promise to promote the planet’s health actually do the opposite; however, we’re not talking about an invented certification. EarthCheck has existed since 1987 and is a consulting company dedicated to creating and evaluating sustainability plans for different places.

Their experience and qualifications make them leaders in the auditing, consulting and implementation stages of sustainability plans.

Thanks to this certification, the Mayan Riviera has reached the level of other world-class destinations, which positively affects the quality of life of Playa residents and visitors alike.

In 2016, 40% of companies with EarthCheck certification were located in Quintana Roo, demonstrating that taking care of the Mayan Riviera and this paradise is a commitment for everyone.

At Happy Address, we have sustainability and service measures in place that allow us to guarantee earth-friendly practices and the best experience for you.




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