Celebrate Christmas in the Mayan Riviera

If you still don’t know where you to celebrate Christmas, we have the best option for you. December the 24th is a great opportunity to travel with your loved ones to a paradise-like location where you can feel the sun kiss your skin while you enjoy the sea breeze, or take a stroll across the beach and the nearby streets wearing sandals, far away from the scarves and the cold weather.

Whether you prefer Playa del Carmen or Tulum, enjoying some days next to the Caribbean Sea and the ancient spirit of the Mayans will sure make a great Christmas experience you will all remember forever.

There will be no time for boredom because the Mayan Riviera has many options for every family member to enjoy. There is a great variety of water activities at the beach, and you can also spend quality time with Mother Nature and visit the nearby cenotes and mangroves. You can also time-travel to the legendary days of the Mayans when you visit the archaeological sites and underwater museums.

Unspoiled beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving tours, kayaking, shopping or gastronomic tourism, you decide. The Mexican Caribbean has it all for you to have an unbelievable time enjoying the breeze, the sea and the sun on your skin. At Happy Address we will take care of all the details to make you feel at home.





The importance of being early at Playa del Carmen bars

When it comes to fun and partying, the number one rule is there are no rules. But when it comes to nightlife, while it’s important to note that there is no written rulebook, there are a few recommendations to consider to make sure the fun never stops.

We know the best parties aren’t restricted by time and it’s lame to arrive early to the party, but there are some reasons why it’s better to be early to Playa del Carmen’s nightlife, one of the most vibrant, fun and music-filled in the world.

Arriving early is one of the best-kept secrets of having fun in Playa del Carmen.


Yes, we know nobody does it, but we have a list of reasons that will make you want to be there on time.


You’ll find the best spots

Arriving early will allow you to choose the best seats in the bar or club; while it may seem things are moving slow at the beginning, this is a great idea for those who don’t look forward to dancing until the sun comes up. Getting a good table will also get you better service. If you’re the type who needs to use the restroom after the first drink, your body will thank you for planning your strategy.


Better prices

Plenty of bars offer special prices, promotions and packages for early birds. Some even include dinner so you won’t start the party on an empty stomach.


More time to enjoy

How many bars and clubs can you visit in one night? Maybe not so many, but it sure is worth trying to make the most of a place such as Fifth Avenue, where there are so many bars and places to discover.


You can move on without ruining your night

If there’s anything you don’t like about your current location, you can find room at the next place without worrying about people, time or distance.


The night is young, but you might not be

If your idea of fun is a more relaxed evening instead of a large number of activities, arriving early at the bars or restaurants in Playa del Carmen will help you to better organize your time and have fun.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to stay in the center of it all; Happy Address is a great option for those looking to enjoy Fifth Avenue to the fullest.





The Mayan Riviera’s secret beaches

The Mayan Riviera is undoubtedly a paradise for all of us; however, a Google search of terms such as “Mayan Riviera beaches,” “Mayan Riviera vacation” or “best beaches Mayan Riviera” yields results that don’t do justice to the wonder that stretches for hundreds of miles.

There are thousands of mini-paradises in the Mayan Riviera that have never been featured in magazines or articles, and we’ve listed some that can’t be missed.



Paamul is a rocky bay with a reef where you can snorkel, swim and sunbathe. You can also camp here, and it’s a favorite beach for turtles, which is why it’s a perfect place for conservation. It’s located between Puerto Aventuras and Xcaret and easily reachable by highway.



Don’t be confused by the name, it’s a paradise where you’ll want to camp, snorkel and go fishing. It’s home to an interesting sunken ship in the south part of the bay and is also a spot where turtles go to lay eggs.


Playa del Secreto

Playa del Secreto is a small area that still preserves its rustic spaces. On the beach, be prepared to experience special moments you’ll want to capture with a camera so you can relive them again and again.


Tres ríos (Punta Maroma, Xcalacoco, Punta Bete)

A freshwater lake in a large ocean that joins three points along a strip of sand. Can anything sound more perfect? It’s only a few minutes from the Mayan Riviera.


Happy Address

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5 steps for disconnecting from everything on your next vacation

Millennials or, as the previous generation knows them, “sons and daughters,” have the problem and the advantage of living perpetually connected to the world. This has also permeated through to all the generations living with them in the world today.

Especially now that all of us spend more than 40 hours interacting with each other, even with people sitting next to us in the office. Arguably, we are interacting less sometimes with “real” people.

Many of us are slaves to our phones and computers, but at the moment of deciding to take a well-deserved vacation, we have to decide to turn off the notifications, too.

Here’s how, in a few simple steps:

  1. Plan your vacation days. Planning your rest and relaxation days is important so that you’re also very aware of projects, delivery times and scheduled meetings.
  2. Let people know you’re going on vacation. It can be very difficult for some to let projects they are working on go, but it’s important so nothing interrupts your “sacred” days.
  3. Establish a schedule for checking in. Once your vacation is here, it may be impossible to stop checking the status of many projects, however, you can set up a time to catch up.
  4. Put your work groups on “mute”. WhatsApp groups can help you plan lunch or coffee dates with people you don’t see very often, but they can also stress you out. It’s important to respect your time off.
  5. Have fun in a place that allows it. Some hotels won’t let you enjoy your vacation fully because of strict and particular rules; however, if you visit a place like Happy Address, your vacation will be made to fit your needs and not the other way around.

Let us help you find a way to disconnect from everyday stress and have fun like never before.





5 tropical carols for Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas is not celebrated the same way everywhere; case in point, during the holidays there is no more representative Mexican dish than Norwegian cod. Not to mention the traditional American meal that is accompanied by turkey and the very regional fruit cake.

Fortunately, faithful to the spirit of Christmas, people from different parts of the world have learned to reconcile their differences and adopt what they love most about each culture to their lifestyle.

At Happy Address we know the important thing is to create bonds instead of building walls. Following this idea, and just as each place has its unique traditions, each place also puts its own spin on the holidays.Today, we wanted to show you how to revitalize your traditions in the style of the Mayan Riviera so the next time you come to Playa del Carmen on vacation, you feel warmth in your heart, but also a desire to dance.


This traditional song was made famous by a brand of soft drinks, but this version has more “coconut” than “Coke.”


The story of Rudolph is, at first, very sad, about an animal without friends. But even the sad part is enjoyable when you add some bongos, a little brass and a lot of Latin flavor.


Christmas is white, but with this song it’s worth asking: is it white as snow or white as the beaches and clouds in the Caribbean?


The legendary Celia Cruz could not be missing from our list with her version of “Jingle Bells.”


And, with one of those perfect combinations that could only come from the Caribbean, like rum and coke or rice and avocado, Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón are here with “Aires de Navidad,”a Christmas carol as Caribbean as its sound.





The essential Caribbean vacation holiday kit

We know you’re planning to make the most of your next vacation in the Caribbean, and specifically the Mayan Riviera. The winter holidays are almost upon us, and they’re a great time to visit this earthly paradise.

Some people think Mexican hospitality means treating our visitors to habanero chilies until they cry, but that’s far from the truth. What matters the most to us is helping you have an unforgettable vacation, so you’ll fall in love with our destinations and plan to come back. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of essential items you should bring when vacationing in the Mayan Riviera.



The Caribbean is sunny. Very sunny, almost all day long. It’s perfect for a good tan, but you should also be very careful. Sunblock is a must, especially if you’re fair-skinned; you don’t want a sunburn to ruin your vacation, do you?


Comfortable shoes

At least two pairs: sneakers for walking and flats to go out at night. High heels aren’t the best option, since most of the time you’ll be either dancing or walking between bars or restaurants on the beach.


Goggles or snorkel mask

If you’re visiting these turquoise waters, home to the second largest coral reef system in the world, why would you miss out on actually seeing it? Of course, they’re easy to find here (you can even ask your concierge to get them for you), but if you already own a pair or have a preferred brand or model, it’s always a good idea to bring them with you.


Light clothing

Light-colored clothes will be your best friends, and basic items (tees, button-down shirts and shorts) will work great for every occasion. Ninety percent of restaurants and bars have a casual dress code, so there’s no need to overthink this.


Bug repellent

If you’re the adventurer type and hope to wander in the jungle to discover what it has to offer, bug repellent is a must. Bug bites can be uncomfortable, and you don’t want to be inconvenienced while you’re having fun.


A Happy Address reservation

To really make the most of the Mayan Riviera, you need to feel like yourself. Happy Address is a vacation rental option that offers exceptional service at an amazing price, along with the freedom to be yourself throughout your vacation.





Holbox: island beauty and respect for nature

Holbox is one of the best-kept secrets of the Yucatan Peninsula. Located north of Quintana Roo and at about 25 mi (40 km) long and 1.2 mi (2 km) wide, this island of 1,500 residents captivates visitors and encompasses beauty and respect for nature from end to end.

This colorful place, which is part of the biosphere reserve and the Yum Balam Flora and Fauna Protection Area, is about 20 minutes away by ferry, during which you will undoubtedly encounter dolphins and other marine species.

Sustainable ecotourism projects obviously have a place on this island; it’s a natural refuge for many endangered species, including the whale shark, the largest fish in the world. In addition, as part of a commitment to respect nature, there are no paved roads or parking lots, streets are made using white sand, there are no cars and people use bikes, golf carts or motorcycles to get around.

This paradise is a mix of jungle, lagoons, mangroves and more.

Holbox has become an attractive tourist destination thanks to its Caribbean weather, mystical Mayan culture, small, low-impact hotels, cabanas and campsites and the respect all its inhabitants have for the environment.

We don’t always have the opportunity to visit a unique sanctuary like this one, where the clouds drift by, waiting for the stars to appear as a celestial blanket.





Can Playa del Carmen be enjoyed while traveling with children?

Few destinations are as exciting (and often stigmatized) as Playa del Carmen. Is it really where spring break was born? Is it just a 24/7 party town?

In short: no, those are all lies.

Playa del Carmen is diverse enough to offer entertainment for the entire family. While it’s true there are hotels unsuitable for children, access is restricted, so you don’t have to worry about accidently booking them.

Still, we’re often asked if couples with young kids can enjoy a family vacation in Playa del Carmen.

Caribbean beaches offer many activities for those with older children to enjoy, but they also feature plenty of unique experiences, including contact with nature, interacting with local animals, discovering the history of an ancient civilization, underwater museums, cenotes and plenty of other attractions, from virgin beaches to street performers putting on shows for the whole family.

The Mayan Riviera offers fun for everyone, regardless of age; as a matter of fact, we even have a Cirque du Soleil show.

Playa del Carmen is so much more than a spring break destination: it’s a wonderful stage where beauty and dreams come to life.





La Navidad al estilo “playense”

Si tu idea de navidad es arbolito, cena formal, abrigos, suéters ñoños, nieve y ponche de frutas, te queremos decir que está perfecto, pero… te estás perdiendo una de las navidades más divertidas del mundo: la navidad al estilo de Playa del Carmen, o sea, ¡en el Paraíso!

¿Quieres saber por qué?

Navidad blanca… pero por la arena
La nieve es divertida, fresca, encantadora pero ¿y si te dijéramos que la arena también es blanca, divertida, fresca y encantadora?

Imagínate despertar mirando al mar, con un despliegue de colores naturales que te llenará la mirada.


Adiós a los arbolitos de plástico

Celebramos la tradición, pero lo hacemos con nuestro estilo. El tradicional pino lo podemos cambiar por una palmera… y es más, no  necesitas la iluminación, las luces de la quinta avenida tienen toda la belleza que necesitas, mejor preocúpate por colgar una cómoda hamaca entre tus dos palmeras.


¿Outfit? Desenfadado casual

El clima se presta para estar todo el día con una vestimenta fresca y relajada, no te compliques y vive la vida al estilo playense.


¿Y la cena? Reinventa la tradición

Playa cuenta con una de las mayores ofertas gastronómicas, en estas fiestas podrás olvidarte de la tradición y, mejor, explorar nuevas formas de cocina, de preparación e ingredientes.


¿Y si lo mío es lo tradicional?

¡Pues también eres bienvenido!
Playa del Carmen se trata de libertad y de que seas quien quieres ser, queremos que estés tranquilo, relajado y feliz. Las opciones de celebración son diversas, pero si lo tuyo sigue siendo el abrigo, la celebración y los pinos navideños, podrás disfrutarlos aquí.

Vive Feliz, vive Happy Address.


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