Tell me your traveling style and I’ll tell you the best place to stay

Do you enjoy traveling? What’s your favorite destination? Have you considered the Mayan Riviera for a family vacation? How about a magical town to discover the picturesque side of life? An exotic destination? An encounter with nature?

There are many ways to travel and to find both yourself and the best destinations. In fact, for us, what we love most is discovering the true life of the place we visit. It’s a way to become one with the surroundings and discover the true pleasure of traveling. Seriously, we love it: it’s fun and we’re passionate about finding a new lifestyle in each place we visit.

We’re aware that the best way to travel isn’t taken from a manual, but more like an attitude of life. Yet, when we travel, we all have a series of rituals, even superstitions, that help us feel a little better, so we want to help you discover what your ideal accommodation is now that you’ve decided to go on vacation.


For those who travel light

If you’re a light traveler, you probably hate to complicate things by carrying mosquito repellent, baby oil, emergency food, duplicates and triplicates of all your documents, even a survival manual because “what if” the cruise ship gets stranded on a desert island.

Sometimes, though, you can be too optimistic and end up going on a trip for a week with only two pieces of underwear. For you, the best lodging is one that guarantees freedom and access to shopping centers, in case you need anything. Happy Address definitely has an option for you.


For “au naturale” travelers

When it comes to traveling and spending time in nature, one type of traveler stands out for something we like to call “the minimalist journey.” These are travelers who love losing themselves in nature, camping, watching the sunrise and sunset and who aren’t afraid of the mystical animals that may be hiding in the Mayan jungle.

Your best option is camping, but remember it’s always important to have a place to go to the bathroom, take a shower and rest. Don’t overlook a smaller space, maybe a room in a condo-hotel.


For those who love to travel with everything

Another type of traveler is the opposite of the one who travels light. If it were up to them, they’d take the camper and spend every day grilling, because they’d also bring the grill from home. These families are prepared even if one of their kids gets a strange allergy or contracts a rare disease.

More than paranoid, they’re cautious and like that everything goes as expected. We think these travelers would love a vacation rental property with its additional services such as concierge, tours, transportation, and much more.




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