Terms & Conditions

Check-in is at 3:00 PM. Check-out is at 12:00 PM. Late check out is penalized with a 50 USD fee after 3 pm and 25 after 12 pm.

Occupation: The guest agrees not to exceed the number of occupants agreed for the property in accordance with the present agreement. In the event of there being any additional guests from those indicated, the guests will lose their security deposit and will have to leave the property immediately.
Security Deposit: A security deposit of 500 USD on your credit card (Visa & MasterCard only. No debit cards) will be required upon arrival if it hasn’t been charged already. Particular cleanings due to excessive soiling, maintenance to the apartment’s upholstery, damages to the interior or exterior caused by the renter may be subject to additional fees. You are required to leave the unit as you received it. In the event that the guest does not have a Credit Card, a security deposit in cash (USD or Mexican Pesos) will be requested upon arrival during the check-in procedure. The temporary security deposit blockage that we applied on your credit card is lifted once the property is inspected by the appropriate persons who can verify that every aspect of the unit is in the expected conditions. Any damage will be paid for using the security deposit. In addition, the rules and regulations of the condominium’s complex must be observed at all times, on the contrary the security deposit will be lost in favor of its administration.
Responsibilities: The guest will be the only person responsible for payment and the terms established in the present agreement. Even though there may be more individuals in the property, the signing guest assumes the responsibility for the other individuals joining him or her.
Prices and Property: There are no guaranties over the prices or properties available for subsequent rentals.
Constructions and Repairs: Happy Address and the owner of each property offer the best maintenance possible, nevertheless even brand-new accessories occasionally present defects for which they cannot guaranty their proper functioning. Any problem with or failure of any accessory inside the property will be resolved as promptly as possible. For this reason personnel from Happy Address or the owner’s own preferred technicians will have to access the property to provide the corresponding maintenance. There will not, however, be any reimbursement of funds because of the malfunction of any of the accessories in the property. Any loud noises because of construction sites next to or around the premises will not accrue to any sort of monetary remuneration. Nevertheless we will always try to solve any problem that is presented in favor of the comfort of our guests.

Refunds: There will be no refunds, proportional or otherwise, in the event that the Guest decides to leave the property prior to the departure date.

Hurricane Evacuation Policy: Happy Address will not reimburse any funds in the event of hurricane or any natural disaster. The guest has the possibility of obtaining travel insurance.
Services: There will be no reimbursing of funds in the event that any services (internet, water, power) are closed or non-functioning. These are external services, sometimes governmental, and, therefore, beyond our control.
Owners’ belongings: Some of the closets located in the property are locked since they contain personal items of their owners and they are not at the disposal of the guests.
Additional usage of the Property: Any other usage of the property that is not for residential purposes is prohibited and will need consent from Happy Address or the owner of the property to change this policy. It is prohibited to have parties inside the property, and the rules and regulations of the unit’s complex should be respected and observed at all times. In the event that the Guest utilizes the condominium inappropriately without being authorized, the guest will lose the security deposit and will be asked to leave the property immediately.
Properties: Happy Address nor the owner will be responsible to provide additional furniture that is not already available in the property. Each property and its furniture has an owner and Happy Address helps rent it out for the owner. In the event that any of the furniture or accessories of the property are moved or missing, the Guest is responsible to leave everything as it was delivered.
Security: There are existing locks in the doors and windows. Happy Address personnel will explain to the Guest how to use them. Please don’t forget to lock the unit at all times as not only your belongings are there, but also those of the owner that rented it to you and your companions.
Responsibility: On execution of this agreement, the Guest is responsible for his own person and additional guests staying at the property. The guest accepts that neither Happy Address, the owner, employees nor agents will be responsible for any accidents, damages, losses suffered by the guest or guests staying or invited to the property. This includes accidents in the water, fire, damages caused by an accessory of the property, bruising, and political events, acts of war, theft, migration, epidemics, and changes in airline itineraries, among other incidentals. In addition, the Guest absolves Happy Address, agents and owner of any responsibility derived from the above, theft, damages, or death.
Conclusions: This agreement is valid as long as the Guest respects its conditions, limitations and responsibilities. Happy Address reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time in the event that Happy Address does not receive the payments agreed in the present document or in the event of non-compliance with the same.
Legal Responsibility: Happy Address under no circumstance will be responsible for any situation caused by the execution of this agreement. It is the guest’s responsibility to terminate the present agreement or decide not to use the services or leave the property.
Exoneration: The guest accepts to exonerate Happy Address, the owner, agents and employees from any situation of lawsuit, damage or costs derived from the guests in the execution of this agreement and use of the services provided by Happy Address.
Penalty for violation of this agreement: In the event that the Guest violates any condition or restriction of the present agreement, the Guest concedes that Happy Address, or owner, terminate this agreement, access the premises and see that the Guest, and companions be removed from the property without any right to reimbursement of rent or security deposit.