The City of the Descending God

Tulum is one of the most sought after travel destinations of Mexico. In addition to the beauty of the beach and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, Tulum is the perfect match between the ancient mysticism and the remaining tranquility of the Mayan people, and a sophisticated lifestyle. Besides, Tulum’s contemporary spirit it’s not at odds with its mysticism and even with its place in History.

Tulum, the magical Maya city of the Caribbean, means “wall” in English. Its original name was Zamá, which means “Dawn”. It was built in the posclassic period on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean landscape. According to historians, the main building of this Mayan city, “The Castle”, served also as a lighthouse to warn sailors of the dangerous reef underneath the glittering waters of the sea next to the coast.

The city was devoted to the cult of the “Descending God” Ah Muzen Kaab, mysterious deity which has been related to the twilight Sun and planet Venus, and also with rain and lightning. The architecture combines Mayan style elements with others which were influenced by Central Mexico civilizations. Tulum was built according to the traditional pattern of the four cardinal points to align itself to the cosmic pattern of the five sacred points (North, South, East, West and the Center).

Tulum is more than a paradise-like place: it’s full of history and culture, depth and mystery. In Happy Address we invite you to Prana and Querido Tulum, our two developments in the area, so you can choose the accommodation that best suits you to discover this sacred city.




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