The importance of being early at Playa del Carmen bars

When it comes to fun and partying, the number one rule is there are no rules. But when it comes to nightlife, while it’s important to note that there is no written rulebook, there are a few recommendations to consider to make sure the fun never stops.

We know the best parties aren’t restricted by time and it’s lame to arrive early to the party, but there are some reasons why it’s better to be early to Playa del Carmen’s nightlife, one of the most vibrant, fun and music-filled in the world.

Arriving early is one of the best-kept secrets of having fun in Playa del Carmen.


Yes, we know nobody does it, but we have a list of reasons that will make you want to be there on time.


You’ll find the best spots

Arriving early will allow you to choose the best seats in the bar or club; while it may seem things are moving slow at the beginning, this is a great idea for those who don’t look forward to dancing until the sun comes up. Getting a good table will also get you better service. If you’re the type who needs to use the restroom after the first drink, your body will thank you for planning your strategy.


Better prices

Plenty of bars offer special prices, promotions and packages for early birds. Some even include dinner so you won’t start the party on an empty stomach.


More time to enjoy

How many bars and clubs can you visit in one night? Maybe not so many, but it sure is worth trying to make the most of a place such as Fifth Avenue, where there are so many bars and places to discover.


You can move on without ruining your night

If there’s anything you don’t like about your current location, you can find room at the next place without worrying about people, time or distance.


The night is young, but you might not be

If your idea of fun is a more relaxed evening instead of a large number of activities, arriving early at the bars or restaurants in Playa del Carmen will help you to better organize your time and have fun.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to stay in the center of it all; Happy Address is a great option for those looking to enjoy Fifth Avenue to the fullest.




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