The Mayan Riviera is our home, let us respect it

At Happy Address we are waiting for you to live the Mexican Caribbean experience fully. Being here means to reconnect with ourselves, to enjoy and value what is really important in life. Our relationship with Nature, Earth and its cycles is fundamental. We encourage you to have here a fulfilling experience, may the pleasure and awareness that this magical place entices be positive for both.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, you can find 55% of Mexico’s mangroves and also fundamental reefs that sustain the sea life of this region. The ever green jungle is the peninsula’s lung and contributes to regulate the all-year-long tropical weather which is so attractive to tourists and local people alike.

Because it’s important for all of us to look after this paradise which is so generous to us, we want to share with you the following advices that will contribute to make your next visit to the Mayan Riviera both respectful and rewarding.


1. Don’t use a car

Living the Mayan Riviera experience is better by bike or by foot. Time here passes by slowly and unhurried, so you can enjoy a good stroll or use public transportation. Thus, you will reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.


2. Beware with food

Cuisine in the Mayan Riviera is delicious and has many options. You can find dishes from all over the world, of many styles and for different tastes. Nevertheless, you may get clandestine offers to consume protected species, such as sea turtles, and you should definetely refuse them.


3. Reuse and recycle

When we are travelling, we can indulge ourselves into using disposable packagings. Try to reuse packagings, bottles and containers, or use, whenever it is possible, returnable ones. Also, chose recycled packagings (cardboard, paper or fabric), instead of plastic.


4. Be like you were never there

The Mayan Riviera will surely leave its mark on you, but be careful that you don’t leave your mark on her. It’s vitally important to collect cans, plastic bags, napkins and all other trash you’ve generated during your stay. Separate your trash before it’s collected.


5. Pay respect to green areas

Mayan Riviera’s Flora and Fauna are noble and basic for survival. We urge you not to smoke nearby nor throw the cigarrette butts or the matches on the ground because they can cause a fire. Also, if you visit a natural park or reservation, you must be even more careful because they are protected natural areas.




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