Uncommon tours you can do in Playa del Carmen

You can find a lot more to do in Playa del Carmen than what’s offered in the brochures. With a place so wonderful and charming like Playa, it’s difficult to do it justice: there aren’t enough shades of green in a printer that accurately reflect its vegetation, there are no words to describe the excitement when doing water sports, and even an empty, white space isn’t enough to convey the silence when you’re alone with your thoughts and the ocean while the sun sets on the horizon.

We wanted to showcase some activities that not everybody knows about and that are great alternatives to the more common excursions. Playa del Carmen is a big place worth exploring from beginning to end.



Fishing in the waters of the Caribbean is a pleasure not only because of the view, but also because of the surrounding natural beauty. Feeling one with the water and experiencing nature’s surprises is one of our favorite activities. Depending on your tastes, you can decide where exactly you want to go on the beautiful Caribbean and which species you want to see.


Lose yourself in the ruins

Ruins are a place of magic and history. But losing yourself in a lesser-known archaeological site is an experience that connects you with history and lets you imagine yourself as one of its ancient residents participating in a ritual or observing the stars and predicting their behavior. As always, the most important thing is safety. Don’t venture into the jungle without a guide and the right equipment.


Take a temazcal

Temazcals are purification treatments, and it’s said they were used to form warriors. Depending on how long they were able to stand the steam, that was the rank they could expect to achieve. Today they are used less for war and more for well-being and detoxification. You can find many places in Playa del Carmen that offer temazcal treatments; let us help you find the one that’s perfect for you.


Go where the sky is born

Sian Ka’an is where heaven is born.You’ll fall in love with its colors, the fusion between water and sky. It’s like an infinity pool, except this one is truly infinite: you can’t tell where it starts and where it ends. Have we missed anything? Are you ready to let us help you find your spirit of adventure?




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