Underwater photography in the Mayan Riviera? Why not?

Underwater pictures are always impressive: they’re a great way to discover an environment that is not ours and which hides wonderful shapes, colors, species of flora and fauna, reliefs, textures and even stories that we could never have imagined.

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll surely remember the iconic cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album: a baby swimming in a pool. Fortunately, underwater photography is no longer exclusively available to professionals with expensive equipment; if you’re traveling to paradise, why not dive into it to discover a side not everyone has seen?

But what about the equipment?

Plenty of “action cams,” small cameras that take amazing underwater pictures, are now available. A good tip is to make sure to get one that has a display or mini-screen on the back, so you can frame your picture before shooting. Brands such as GoPro, Evorok, Vivitar, Sony and Garmin, among others, have options for all budgets.

You could also get a waterproof case for your smartphone; using it becomes a little more complicated, but you’ll be able to capture amazing shots.
Some tips for beginner underwater photographers:

  • Optimize battery use: before going underwater to take pictures, make sure the phone or camera doesn’t stay on all the time, especially if you’re only going to take a couple of shots.


  • Take advantage of bursts: burst (or continuous shooting) mode is the best way to take pictures of moving subjects, as you’ll have plenty of pictures to choose from.


  • Never stray far from a charging center or an external memory: we know that once you start taking pictures underwater you’ll be amazed by the result and you’ll want to take pictures all the time, but neither the memory nor the battery are unlimited. Staying near the beach, as you would with Happy Address, will allow you to keep your computer, charger and memory cards nearby, but always safe. You might not be a pro just yet, but surely soon.



Have you tried taking pictures underwater? What do you prefer? Action cam or phone in a waterproof case?




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