What is winter like in the Mayan Riviera?

As any Game of Thrones fan knows, winter is coming. For many, winter is about low temperatures, hot chocolate, fireplaces, red noses and blue fingers. For others, it means snow, or even being snowed in.

Luckily, for people from Playa del Carmen, winter means fun.

A winter in the Mayan Riviera means exchanging three layers of clothing for a bathing suit.

It means forgetting about blankets while taking a siesta in a hammock.

It means not sitting by the fireplace, but at one of Playa del Carmen’s best restaurants.

Carols are also sung, but in a much livelier rhythm.

We leave solemnity behind and give the world around us our characteristic touch. In the Mayan Riviera, our family is much bigger, and “the more the merrier” is the law of the land. Excitement grows, and you’ll love it.

If you want to visit the Mayan Riviera and have the best winter of your life, there’s still time for you to find a place to stay where you’ll feel right at home. Discover Happy Address, the best vacation option in the Mayan Riviera.




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