What’s the best breakfast after a night out?

We Mexicans love a good party, and we are second to none when it comes to unforgettable nights. But it often happens that nights in Playa del Carmen turn out to be much longer than expected, with the many bars, cafés, restaurants, mixology bars and so much more this destination offers.

In Playa del Carmen you’ll find a wide range of places to have fun. The heart of the city is its Fifth Avenue, but you can also get a little creative and discover other places you’ll love.

In Playa del Carmen the fun doesn’t end when the sun rises. In the mornings you can discover and enjoy the perfect pick-me-up breakfast.

Here are some options.


A recipe that can’t go wrong: chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are the essence of Mexican cuisine at its best: chips with salsa, cream, chicken, cheese and onions. As basic as it sounds, they’re easy to prepare and wonderfully tasty. This dish of humble origin is the perfect combination of flavors and textures. The tortilla base, seasoned with the salsa, is heightened by the comforting taste of cream and the unexpected sweetness of the onions; the salsa’s spiciness, combined with the savory cheese, will be exactly what you need to start your morning full of energy.


A classic: bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs are the favorite breakfast of plenty of fictional characters. And yes, they’re a delicious, perfect option to recharge your batteries after a night of dancing, singing and having fun. This mix of protein and flavor is brought to perfection when paired with fresh-squeezed orange juice.


Pancakes with fruit

Pancakes are delicious. While they might seem like carb overload to many, there are places that have reinvented the formula, with healthier options featuring oats and bananas. Mixed with berries and good coffee, breakfast will be the first step of a day full of great experiences.

All of these pick-me-up breakfasts are easily found on Fifth Avenue during your Playa del Carmen vacation. Or if you prefer, make the most of the concierge service at Happy Address, and enjoy a wonderful morning after a night of partying.




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